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Rap/Hip-Hop Lyrics
1. Bubba Sparxxx
2. 2Pac
3. Dr. Dre
4. Eminem
5. Ja Rule
Pop/Rock Lyrics
1. N'Sync
2. Backstreet Boys
3. Train
4. Linkin Park
5. Nickelback
Soundtrack Lyrics
1. Coyote Ugly
2. Romeo & Juliet
3. Charlie's Angels
4. Titanic
5. 10 Things I Hate About You
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LYRICS: SONG LYRICS for your Sing-Along

Welcome to PopularLyric.com, your source for todays popular songs and music lyrics. Get your favorite song lyrics here including wedding songs, christmas songs, gospel, and christian music. You can search by genre, artist, or chart ranking.

We have lyrics for artists, singers, bands, and performers like Shaggy, Eminem, Jay Z, Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Ja Rule, Shakira, N'sync, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly, Leonies, Rolling Stone, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Korn, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Kelly Clarkson, Ashanti, No Doubt, Bob Marley, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Aerosmith, and more.

Our lyrics cover all music genre including, r&b, jazz, soul, rap, hip hop, country music, blues, rock & roll, blue grass, gospel, christian music, reggae, and more. So get your eminem lyrics, rap lyrics, nelly lyrics, country music lyrics, and more. The lyrics of songs help you identify the message in the music.

Knowing the words to a love song can improve your love life. So find your song to download. Whether it's an mp3 download or even music video, you enjoy it better knowing the song words, the lyrics. You can take advantage of free music download to sample a song too, may be something on the music charts like the top 40.

Lyric Search
Search for lyrics of popular songs on the charts. If you do not find what you are searching for, email us so that we can find it for you. We are working hard to be your main lyric search engine.

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R & B/Soul Lyrics
1. It's Over Now
2. Peaches and Cream
3. Dance With Me
4. Missing You
5. All I Want Is You
Country Music Lyrics
1. Tim McGraw
2. Faith Hill
3. Garth Brooks
4. Kenny Rogers
5. Shania Twain
Gospel/Xtian Lyrics
1. Kirk Franklin
2. Amazing Grace
3. Blessed Assurance
4. Redeemed
5. Blind Boys Of Alabama
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